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Moles and Melanoma

Moles & Melanoma | NYC

Melanomai is the cancer of the pigment producing cells in the skin known as melanocytes.  The outer layer of skin contains normal melanocytes that produce a brown pigment called melanin, which is responsible for the color of skin.  Melanoma in NYC occurs when melanocytes become malignant.  Melanoma may appear suddenly, or begin in, or near, a pre-existing mole.  It begins on the surface of the skin where it is easy to see and treat. In the early stage, melanoma is curable by surgical removal; but if allowed to grow, melanoma can spread to other organs of the body and be deadly. 

Excessive sun exposure, especially severe sunburns at an early age can promote the development of melanoma. Atypical or dysplastic moles have an unusual or irregular looking appearance, color and border.  They may run in families or appear sporadically, and can serve as markers for people with an increased risk for developing melanoma.  Individuals with a large number of moles either normal or dysplastic, have a higher chance of developing melanoma.  Melanoma can occur anywhere on the skin and nails, even in places not directly exposed by the sun such as mucous membranes and internal organs.  Melanoma is usually brown or black in color. 

The warning signs for melanoma in NYC include:changes in the surface of any character of the mole including size, shape, border,and color; or the appearance of a new bump, spread of pigment, or a change in the sensation of a pre-existing mole. The best treatment for melanoma is early detection and surgical excision.  One hopes to remove melanoma before it spreads.

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