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Laser Hair Removal | NYC 

Laser hair removal has a wavelength that is only absorbed by the black or brown color in a strand of hair. The laser's energy is absorbed in the hair follicle and destroys it, thus preventing any further hair growth. Several factors influence the effect and final outcome of this treatment. These include the color of the patient’s skin, and color and density of hair. The ideal person for laser hair removal in NYC is an individual with ivory white skin, and dark black hair. In such a person, very high laser energy can be used to remove hair. Because of its white color, the skin in such a person does not absorb the laser energy. The color of hair is also important in the outcome of laser hair removal. Gray or very light color hair do not absorb laser energy well, and thus it is harder to use laser to remove them. Finally, the denser the hair the more laser treatment sessions are needed to remove all the hair.  As the laser treatment is continued, the rate of growth and number of hair are reduced.