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Vascular Lesions 

Vascular lesions are made up of a network of blood vessels that are close to the skin surface and therefore can cause the skin to be pink, red or purple in color, such as spider veins and broken blood vessels of the face and legs.

The vascular laser emits an intense and highly concentrated beam of light with a specific wavelength, which is absorbed by the red color present in red blood cells in blood vessels. Lasers with a yellow or green light can selectively be absorbed by the red color which then causes the destruction of the blood vessels.  Hemoglobin, the red pigment in blood, absorbs the green light.  The laser’s light energy heats and seals off the blood vessels so that no blood flows through it, and the vessel is eventually reabsorbed by the body. 

Multiple laser treatments are necessary to destroy a vascular lesion.  Most spider veins require 1 to 4 laser treatments, where as port-wine stains require an average of 7-9 treatments for significant lightening.  The set up of the laser is individualized.  A local anesthetic to lessen the snapping sensation of the laser may be necessary in the area to be treated.